Sylosis unveil details for Dormant Heart

Metalsucks have gotten a hold of a number of details surrounding the upcoming Sylosis record Dormant Heart. Below you will find the covert art followed by the song titles for the effort, which includes a cover of The Smashing Pumpkin’s “Zero”. The band’s first single from the album will be the track titled “Mercy”, which gets its premiere today.

Dormant Heart track list:
1 – “Where The Wolves Come To Die“
2 – “Victims And Pawns“
3 – “Dormant Heart“
4 – “To Build A Bomb“
5 – “Overthrown“
6 – “Leech“
7 – “Servitude“
8 – “Indoctrinated“
9 – “Harm“
10 – “Mercy“
11 – “Callous Souls“
12 – “Quiescent“
13 – “Pillars Erode“
14 – “Zero” (Smashing Pumpkins cover)


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