Hierophant release the first new track off their upcoming record

Italy’s Hierophant are streaming the track “Inganno” off their upcoming Bridge Nine Records effort Peste. The label issued the following press release with album details and links to pre-order the record.

Listen to “Inganno”, the first track to surface from Hierophant’s forthcoming new album, now over at CVLTNation.com. This track appears on Peste, which will be available November 25th on CD, LP and digital formats via Bridge Nine and is up for pre-order today via B9Store.com. All Peste pre-orders include a limited edition 7″ that features “Inganno” as well as a cover of Nirvana’s “Negative Creep” – act fast before they’re all gone.

Peste was recorded in Italy (where Hierophant is headquartered) at MV Multimedia Studio. This 10-song album is the follow-up to 2013’s acclaimed Great Mother: Holy Monster, which was called “…a searing brand of no-holds-barred dark hardcore that’s characterized by bleak, unrelenting guitars and harsh, incomprehensible vocals” by Big Cheese Magazine.

It was hard to fathom Hierophant harnessing the potential to create a record heavier and more malicious than Great Mother : Holy Monster, an already pummeling whiplash of American D-beat-inflected metallic hardcore. Lo and behold: Peste manages just that as a superior, succinctly crushing assault, its tendencies largely erring on the side of European death metal. Hierophant spell out the desolation and desperation leveled by a war amid the id, ego and super-ego, all torturous, violent imagery and morbid, damning assertions that make it a pleasantly grim nightmare to suffer through.

The digital version of Peste is also available for pre-order on iTunes and Bandcamp with instant downloads of “Inganno”.

Peste track listing:

1) Inganno
2) Masochismo
3) Nostalgia
4) Sadismo
5) Apatia
6) Paranoia
7) Sottomissione
8) Alienazione
9) Egoismo
10) Inferno


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