Behemoth releasing new EP XIADZ

Amidst comments comments made by Behemoth frontman Nergal about possibly breaking up the band will be releasing a new EP titled XIADZ. The EP will consist of previously unreleased tracks from the recording sessions for The Satanist and Evangelion. Pre-orders for the EP can be found here. The following press release has all the juicy details regarding the release.

Behemoth is proud to announce their new record – a 12” vinyl EP entitled XIADZ on November 1st. Strictly limited to 2,000 pieces, hand numbered and comes in 3 vinyl colours: black (500 pcs limit), gold (500 pcs limit) and black-gold splatter (1000 pcs limit).

The release contains previously unreleased tracks “XIADZ” from The Satanist recording sessions, “Towards The Dying Sun We March” from Evangelion recording sessions, and also a re-recorded “Moonspell Rites”.


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