Rings Of Saturn will not be performing Lugal Ki En material on tour

In a recent post to their Facebook page, Rings Of Saturn have announced that they will not be performing any new songs on their upcoming tour with As Blood Runs Black. Here’s what the band had to say on why this will be the case:

“It’s not a very well known fact, but every member of our band lives in a different state in the U.S. And because of the distance and conflicting schedules between everyone, we actually haven’t had ANY time at all to practice the new songs as a band in a full band setting. We didn’t want people coming out to the shows expecting to hear new material and being disappointed so we wanted to let everyone know that we will not be playing any new songs on this next month and a half long run with ABRB and Mexico. Sorry to disappoint those who were looking forward to that but we still encourage everyone to come out and support all the bands. We also will be carrying the new CD and merch for those of you who would like to get it from us in person. Thanks for being understanding, we plan on playing a bunch of new material on future tours.”


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