Relapse Records release free sampler

Relapse Records have released the sampler above so that you may get a feel for their current roster. The sampler is available to stream and download for free which can be done via the player. The track listing can be viewed below:

1. Obituary – Violence
2. Abysmal Dawn – The Inevitable Return to Darkness
3. Iron Reagan – Four More Years
4. Myrkur – Latvian Feguro
5. Death – Pull the Plug (Remastered)
6. Gruesome – Closed Casket (Demo)
7. Nothing – Get Well
8. Atriarch – Allfather
9. Tombs – Thanatos
10. Indian – Directional
11. Usnea – Healing Through Death
12. Ringworm – Psychic Vampire
13. Mortals – Anchored in Time
14. Black Anvil – Eventide
15. Serpentine Path – Disfigured Colossus
16. Primitive Man – Loathe
17. The Drip – Rise to Failure
18. UltraMantis Black – West Siberian Plain
19. Pyrrhon – Implant Fever
20. Columns – Bear Molestor
21. Broughton’s Rules – Umbra
22. Nux Vomica – Reeling
23. Cripple Bastards – Malato Terminale
24. Culted – Illuminati
25. Publicist UK – Never Gone To School
26. Ecstatic Vision – Journey To…


Myrkur stream new EP

Danish one-woman black metal band Myrkur is streaming her self-titled debut at Pitchfork. The record will be released next week on September 16th through Relapse Records.

This is definitely something refreshing as far as black metal goes because the music is very much in the vein of old school black metal but with a mix of the typical harsh and clean choir style vocals, with the latter being the more prominent. The music is traditional because it does feature plenty of blast beats, distorted guitars, and that lo-fi production that bands like Darkthrone thrive on. It’s a breath of fresh air through the inclusion of the singer’s angelic vocals along with some more modern black metal melodic sections. It’s definitely worth a listen if you’re looking for some trve black metal with a twist.